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Success Through Networking
by R.Michael Baird

"I'm too busy trying to figure out how to succeed to do the things that are known to help you succeed."

It's amazing to me just how many times I've heard that. True... never in those words... but certainly by way of actions.

Have you ever heard the phrase "To be a winner... do what the winners do"? Almost everyone has... and still won't follow that simple direction. They're just too busy trying to figure out how to be a winner. Well Duhh! If you really want to be successful... (pay attention, this is important) just do what others who are successful are doing.

There's really no trick here. There's no encrypted secret to have to "figure out". The one thing that nearly every person that has ever achieved success on or off the web will agree is vital to that success... is called "Networking".

There are many ways to define Networking:
  • Using contacts made in business for purposes beyond the reason for the initial contact. For example, a sales representative may ask a customer for names of others who may be interested in his product.
  • The process of finding out about potential clients or opportunities from friends, business contacts, co-workers, acquaintances, and fellow members in professional and civic organizations or communities.
  • Connecting with people of like interests for the purpose of uncovering opportunities, identifying landmines and learning of best practices.
  • Meeting people who can be of help to you and being a help to them.
  • ... etc.
So, where do you begin? Find a community... a group... of like-minded people... get yourself known... participate... and just KEEP SHOWING UP! Where's the confusion here?

There are a lot of different online communities that can fill the bill, and there's no reason to limit yourself to participating in only one or two. Look them over... see what they have to offer. Select one (or more) that offers what you think will best serve your needs... and jump in... with both feet! This is life or death, folks. Are you really wanting to succeed?... or is your "business" really nothing more than a hobby?

To be a winner... do what the winners do!
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