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Questions that are most often asked:

Q -Why shouldn't I just use a free web hosting service? There seem to be lots of them available out there.
A -It's my humble opinion that there is really no such thing. Here are some disadvantages of free web hosting:
  • Limited web page space
    (Usually nowhere enough for a small business website)
  • Can't add interactive features
    (chat rooms, message boards, games, online ordering etc.)
  • Search engines often ignore them
    (A HUGE disadvantage!)
  • Your visitors may doubt your credibility
    (If you don't take your site seriously, why should they?)
  • Long, hard-to-remember web address
    (instead of
  • No domain branded email addresses
  • May have banners and/or pop ads on your pages
    (and often of your own competition)
Face it... everything has a price.
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Q -With Mirage Net Web hosting, can I add features such as chat rooms, forums, and online ordering to my site?
A -Absolutely! Mirage Net Web hosting accounts include Fantastico De Luxe, the leading auto-installer as part of your cPanel as well, giving you the ability to install most of your favorite scripts without the expense of having them installed for you.
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Q -Will Mirage Net Web place unwanted advertising on my site the way most free hosting companies do?
A -Mirage Net Web will never place ads on any of our customer sites unless requested to. It's your site. The only one that has the right to put ads on it is YOU.
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Q -If I have difficulty with my hosting account or website, can I count on Mirage Net Web for the help that I need?
A -The Mirage Net Web collection of more than 180 video tutorials provides easy to understand instructions on how to perform all the basic web hosting operations such as how to create and manage your databases, domains, DNS records, e-mail and FTP accounts... how to check website statistics... how to install various software... and more!

But... if you can't find the answers you need there, we're more than happy to assist when we can. Most problems can be resolved as simple "customer courtesy"... and more involved problem solving is available at competitive rates.
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