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Featured "Your Website"
What Should You Watch Out For?
by Madeline Pattigno  
Beware of unethical web hosts, designers and developers!
Having been in the internet development business for over 14 years, we have run across many so called web designers/developers that make claims that are over exaggerated, who don’t follow through, who use technical jargon that confuses the customer and in many cases, do not do business ethically. These individuals/companies are what make people leery of all web developers. And that’s understandable – they can cause major headaches and even get your business sued and/or your website shut down by their actions or lack of ethics.

Featured "Networking"
Success Through Networking
by R.Michael Baird  
"I'm too busy trying to figure out how to succeed to do the things that are known to help you succeed."

Featured "Sales & Marketing"
Follow Up With Your Customer
by Jay Conner  
After you go through a sales session with a customer, wether you sell them a product or not, follow up with them. Otherwise, your time was all but wasted.

Featured "Small Business"
Setting up a Home Office
by Philip Nicosia  
One of the challenges of working from home is how to draw the line between your personal and professional life. Family members (especially young children) may not understand that you're "busy" when you're just in the house, and may distract you right in the middle of an important call or letter. It may also be near impossible to stay organized and focused when your "work station" also happens to be the kitchen table, your bedroom, or the living room.